Deatschwerks DW65C 265lph Fuel Pump for 09-15 Nissan GT-R

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The redesigned V2 DW300 flows 26% higher at peak and 20% greater on average. It will flow 340 lph at 40psi and is a popular choice for e85 applications or wherever the highest flowing standard fitment in-tank pump is needed. Quiet operation and pulse width modulation compatibility are delivered via the turbine impeller and computer balanced armature. E85 compatibility is built in via the carbon commutators and a fully encapsulated armature. In order to achieve a flatter flow curve, Deatschwerks uses a dual zone approach which increases flow where specifically engineered for high pressure, and limits flow at low pressure, thus achieving excellent performance and reliability. The DW400 has a 36mm diameter and is compatible with pump gas, e85, and race fuels. The pump is also compatible with pulse width modulated pump drivers. The pump ships with a universal fitment kit which includes fuel hose, clamps, electrical harness, and filter. As with all DW products, the pump is warrantied for 3-yrs to the original purchaser.

Deatschwerks 9-1009 install kit designed for:

  • 09-15 Nissan GT-R

Deatschwerks DW65c Tech Sheet