HARD Motorsport BMW E36 Coupe Rear Polycarbonate Window

HARD Motorsport
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HARD Motorsports has developed a Polycarbonate sheet to fit on the rear window of your E36 Coupe BMW. This is designed to be installed in place of your rear window, can be installed very fast and with simple instructions, and can be removed quickly and with ease. The HARD Motorsport E36 Coupe Polycarbonate window is intended to go in a stripped, track-ready vehicle where no glass is present. Features:

  • Uses 3M performance vinyl to give OEM look, no paint required
  • High Quality material will not scuff or scratch easily
  • Light-weight, 2 lbs each!
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Optional Mounting Hardware

Mounting Hardware is available upon request at $55 ontop of the initial window purchase. Please email after purchase for adding them onto your order.