Holley EFI LSU4 Bosch Wideband

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Replacement Holley EFI, Bosch Wide band Oxygen sensor.
This sensor is a direct replacement for Holley HP, Dominator, Avenger and Terminator EFI systems. Each Sensor is hand calibrated to insure accurate readings when used in conjunction with your Holley EFI system.


  • Designed for GM LS Gen III and IV engines equipped with GM LS3/L92 cylinder heads
  • Provides best performance for forced induction (supercharged or turbocharged) engine applications with peak power at 7000-8000 rpm, depending on the application
  • Dual-injector, separate-passage, high-volume fuel rails with mounting hardware, dual-fuel capable, 8 AN o-ring ports
  • Low height to aid the packaging of a plenum mounted air-to-water intercooler in a top-feed configuration
  • Available with both as-cast satin and black power-coat finishes
  • High volume fuel rails for eight and sixteen injector configurations. Mounting hardware included with3/4-16 O-ring ports (8 AN)and mounting hardware included with 3/4-16 O-ring ports (8 AN)