Nuke Performance Air Jack 90 Competition 8 BAR / 120 PSI Hose Kit

Nuke Performance
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Installing the Nuke Performance 90C Air Jacks should be easy, and with this hose kit for 8 BAR (120 PSI) air compressors you get everything you need for a 2, 3 or 4pc air jack setup. Gives you maximal functionality with minimal effort. With the simple but complete hose kit from Nuke Performance, adapted for the 90C series Air Jacks, it is extremely easy to install and connect your air jacks regardless of whether you are looking for a 2, 3 or 4pc jack setup.

Fits directly to your 8 BAR / 120 PSI workshop air compressor

The Nuke Performance 90C Air Jack Hose Kit comes ready with an easy-to-use quick valve with a common EURO fitting that fits worldwide workshop air compressors. The included bracket lets you mount it in an easy to reach place out of the risk of getting it contaminated by weather or dirt from the track. The 90C series of Air Jacks are specially developed for 8 BAR / 120 PSI compressors and this quick connect, 8mm pneufit kit includes everything you need to mount your Air Jacks in a quick, easy to maintain and reliable installation

All fittings needed are included within the Air Jack hose kit

Within the hose kit you get 10m (32.8ft) 8mm quick connect pneufit hose, 3x quick connect T-fittings, 4x quick connect 1/4" BSPP barb fittings for the Air Jack inlets and a petcock ball valve. This kit is ideal for a low pressure 8 BAR / 120 PSI setup and is extremely lightweight, easy to install, durable and affordable. When you buy one of the Air Jack kits this hose kit is included

Air Jack Hose kit includes

3 x Quick Connect 8mm Pneufit T-fittings 4 x Quick Connect 8mm to 1/4" Barb-fittings 1 x Petcock ball valve with EURO-fitting 10m (32.8ft) 8mm Quick Connect pneufit hose 10 x Cable ties