Nuke Performance Fuel Hose Heat Shrink for PTFE fuel hose for AN 6/8/10 Fuel Hose

Nuke Performance
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Additional heat shrink for Nuke Performance Full Flow PTFE fuel hose. Available in two versions, made to fit AN-6 / AN-8 / AN-10 / AN-12 PTFE fuel hose. To prevent nylon braiding threading over time.

Make sure to select the right-sized heat shrink sleeve for your fuel hose. When you order your fuel hose, a few pieces are included but if you need more, you add these to your order.


  • Included with the delivery of Full Flow PTFE Fuel Hose
  • Fits Nuke Performance Full Flow-series PTFE Fuel Hose
  • Available in AN-6 / AN-8 / AN-10, and for AN-12
  • To prevent the nylon braiding threading over time


The fuel hose heat shrink for PTFE fuel hose from Nuke Performance gives your fuel hose assembly a nice and tidy look, making your fuel system look as good as possible. But its main feature is to prevent the nylon braiding from loos threads over time when being used in motorsports.