Nuke Performance Fuel Hose Separator for AN-6 PTFE fuel hose

Nuke Performance
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Billet aluminum, fuel hose separators for PTFE fuel hose. Simple, safe, and stunning installation of aftermarket PTFE fuel hoses with black anodized aluminum separators.

Classic PTFE fuel hose separators in black anodized billet aluminum for Nuke Performance PTFE Full-Flow fuel hoses.


  • Safe installation for all type of vehicles
  • Billet aluminum fuel hose separators
  • Available for AN-6 PTFE fuel hose
  • Anodized for long-lasting finish and function
  • Helps to hold your PTFE fuel hoses in place


Bring order to your PTFE hoses with these lightweight, stunning, separators. Black anodized two-piece separators/brackets for PTFE fuel hoses. Choose the right size when placing your order. Use them in combination with our stainless-steel P-clamps or change the bolt and use them as brackets for your fuel hose