Setrab Remote Oil Filter Stand - Thermostatic

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The sūsa remote oil filter stand provides relocation of the oil filter for more convenient access of the filter and/or the easy installation of an oil cooler. The built-in thermostatic oil valve combines the function of a traditional remote filter head and a standalone oil thermostat to control oil flow, keeping parts and plumbing connections to a minimum.

Machined from billet aluminum and finished with durable anodizing in titanium gunmetal gray.

Integrated thermostatic oil valve controls oil flow to oil cooler downstream. Available in left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) variants for convenient installation and plumbing no matter where the oil flow originates or leads. Included heavy-gauge steel mounting plate offers multiple orientations for adaptability.

Compatible with the ProLine Adapter System of low-profile M22 adapter fittings and direct-port hose ends (sold separately).

Filter mount is designed for small-to-medium-format spin-on oil filter canisters.